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Eight days of sightseeing and soul-searching, connecting with our heritage in total immersion in our promised land. From visiting historical attractions to meeting leading state leaders and Chief Rabbis, this is not only an unforgettable trip but a complete learning experience.

Following six successful trips, JLI’s Land and Spirit, once again, embark on a journey to the heart and soul of the Holy Land. Mark your calendars for March 2020 and consider joining us to discover your intrinsic connection to the Jewish homeland.

The trip offers luxurious accommodations, gourmet kosher cuisine and the finest amenities.



"This was the best travel experience in my life. JLI did an amazing job of putting together a trip that newcomers like me and repeat visitors alike could experience Israel and learn about Jewish history and practice. Everything was deluxe, 5-star and perfect. Tour guide was knowledgeable and charming. Speakers were excellent."

Arthur Zeidman, Washington, DC

"A very moving, constantly-moving Jewish experience. We went to places we never went before and learned an enormous amount about a lot of things from our wonderful guide."

Lloyd Abrams, Long Beach, NY

"We did so much, it is hard for me to pick a favorite. Loved Shabbos at the Kotel, loved the spirit at Genesis Land. My favorite might be Hebron."

Rhonda K. Goldfader, Saint Louis, MO

"It was wonderful. The trip exceeded my expectations in all ways....spiritually and intellectually."

Glenda Susser, White Plains, NY

"From the moment we landed our trip was planned, it was uplifting in spirit and we covered a great deal of Israel. The guides were very knowledgeable."

Brad and Sara Horwitz, Pompano Beach, FL

"We both loved the Archeology tour with Josh. He was terrific. History comes alive! It’s important to have a guide who is both knowledgeable and can carry the message with passion."

Fay Smith, Ludlow, MA

"This was a joyous, amazingly well-organized tour with lots of options and flexibility. We loved seeing Israel and making great new friends. P.S. The food was great. You will not go hungry on this tour."

Harris Abrams, Newtown, PA

"I learned that Israel is an amazing, diversified country with great, courageous people. Through this trip, I relived the remarkable history of the Jewish people from biblical times to modern day Israel."

Cheryl Ahlzadeh, Marietta, GA

"I thought it was a really wonderful trip. From the amazing tour guide, and assistant, and driver, to the luxurious hotels. The activities were varied, and the option days were great. I met so many great new people with whom I will stay in touch. I want to attend again in two years."

Marilynn Goldberg, Redwood City, CA

"My favorite things were visiting Hevron and Kibbutz Alumim, the BarBQ with the IDF, meeting Israelis and hearing their stories, about their lives, how they deal living in Israel, etc I loved talking with the IDF soldiers (through our rabbi who translated), meeting others who were on the trip and learning about their journeys in life."

Lin Pyles, Meridian, ID

"It’s an amazing trip and am thrilled that I went to Israel this way as opposed to another trip. Many of the things that were most memorable (Sedorat, Hebron, Friday) all were unique to this trip."

Philip Lipper, Wyckoff, NJ

"This was a wonderful opportunity to connect the religious, spiritual, historical, and political aspects of our homeland. Although I’ve been to Israel twice before, this is the first time all the pieces came together. It reinvigorated my energy for supporting Israel."

Michelle Witkin, Valencia, CA

"The trip was well organized and professionally managed considering the people that participated, who came from a wide range of backgrounds."

Elliot and Donna Katz, Pittsburgh, PA

"First class accommodations and meals. Tour guides were history and Torah scholars, tying the people, and heritage to the land in a tangible and inspiring way. An experience I will never forget and will only build on."

Elliot Brown, Madison, NJ

"I thought everything was so well planned. For a 1st time visit to Israel it was fantastic."

Megan Brown, Bentonville, AR

"A glimpse of Jewish life ...past and present. Like a sponge, soaking up our history."

Sharon Smith-Eisler, Longmont, CO

"My experience during the entire trip far exceeded my expectations prior to leaving Australia. Best trip to Israel over all others. So informative, so professionally well-organized."

Rob Sperber, Belrose, Australia

"We had an amazing time! We traveled to places we have never been before."

Gail Friedman, Los Angeles, CA

"It is a difficult chore to select one place as a favorite....I’d been to most places on previous trips and would not want to omit them this time, however, I was equally pleased to visit the border kibbutz of Alumim….The desert experience was outstanding, for all the activities, dancing and high spirited dancing, etc."

Frances Bernay-Cohen, The Villages, FL

"Incredible on every level, extremely well organized, amazing guides, fabulous speakers, great food and hotels."

Michelle Toocaram, Gladesville, Australia

About JLI

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is to inspire Jewish learning worldwide and to transform Jewish life and the greater community through Torah study. Our goal is to create a global network of informed students connected by bonds of shared Jewish experience.

As the pre-eminent provider of adult Jewish education, JLI aspires to continue to set new standards in the field. We are a learning organization, listening and responding to our affiliates and students so we can continue to grow in new ways.

Our holistic approach to Jewish study considers the impact of Jewish values on personal and interpersonal growth. Drawing on research-based instructional design and cutting-edge approaches to adult learning, JLI's innovative presentation of traditional Judaism is designed to be both intellectually rigorous and highly accessible.

JLI is associated with Merkos L'Inyanei Chinuch, the educational arm of Chabad-Lubavitch.